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Lemon Balm Forest Garden is a garden dedicated to the wise plant ally Melissa officinalis and female health.

May the space bring you happiness, joy, and support throughout your journey.

 Lemon Balm Forest Garden started in the fall of 2018 with the intention of creating a space that was supportive in city dwellers reconnection to the land, especially as a form of self-care for female health. It's located across the street from the MLK District Garden, another permaculture site that was established by AnnaMaria Leon, Tracey Worthy, and Dr. Shemuel Isreal of the North Lawndale Greening Committee. Lemon Balm is a part of the larger vision of the Greening of 16th street. The lot itself is owned by Edwin Muldrow of Del Kar Pharmacy, the city's longest standing black owned pharmacy. Del Kar Pharmacy is where Dr. King use to pick up his morning newspaper! It feels incredibly humbling to be walking down the same street and MLK, let alone support the community with a public space filled with historically edible, and medicinal plants. 

While the site is open to the public, we ask that you join one of our volunteer days so that we can build relationships with one another and the plants simultaneously. There's a common misconception that foragers take what is available in nature, without emphasis that foraging communities are wild-crafters. There is always a giving back to the land, seed sowing, land shaping relationship so that future generations of plants, animals, and people can be supported. We honor their example by hosting volunteer days where we can deepen our relationships while giving back to the land. Join Us!


Interactive Self Guided Plant Tour

Lemon Balm Forest Garden Plant List

*The below compilation has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This interactive tour is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.*

Partnering Organizations

Lemon Balm Forest Garden has been possible due to numerous organizations generous donations and grants. Thank YOU for investing in our vision.

Special thanks to Edwin Muldrow of Del Kar Pharmacy for hosting the garden on his property as well as Mountain Rose Herbs, AUA, Homan Grown, and The Resiliency Institute!