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El Paseo Permaculture Site 

It was an honor to be a part of the EL Paseo Community Garden in the creation of the community perennial food forest. Take a self guided tour of the native and non native plant species within the site

This was the first large scale design project I designed and lead. Its completion would not have been possible without this amazing, supportive, and inspiring community and partnering organizations. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and is still contributing their time, energy, finances, and plant blessings to this space. I'm in continuous awe and feel grateful to have been a part of the process of reconnecting to the land in Chicago. May this space bring you continuous awe, connection, inspiration, nourishment and joy. You can get involved and volunteer at the permaculture space by contacting: El Paseo <3

Forager’s Rule of Thumb:

As a community forager, you are a steward of this land. In this site you will be able to find and connect with many native, edible, medicinal, pollinator, and utilitarian plants. As a community we gently remind you to take less than ⅓ of a particular harvest so that collectively we can promote an ecologically sound environment. We are a large insect, animal, bird, and human community.  Please be mindful that we all coexist and limit your harvest of one particular plant so that we may all benefit (including the plant!). This community permaculture site was designed to educate so that you can be equipped with additional information to plant these species in your own backyard/space and more easily identify and engage with them throughout the city.  We hope you learn and enjoy the El Paseo Permaculture Site! 

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