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As an artist, activist, and student of nature, I'm constantly in the flux of learning and observing about the natural world. My interest is in site specific plants within particular bioregions and their unique expressions within a two dimensional space. As a permaculture designer, herbalist, and forager my day to day lie within the three dimensional natural world, but in the studio I prefer to meditate, play and experiment with site specific plants, fungi, and soil.  In this transformative tactile process I finder deeper connection and understanding not only of the plants and region, but with communities and cultures past and present that tended to and were intimately bound to the land. 

While the aesthetics to these pieces are of my own, I'd like to awknowledge that this process is not unique, innovative, or new. It's simply a process of remembering. I hope the art pieces bring you connection, joy, and beauty. Please accept the more practicle information as a lightly treded path to explore on. 

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