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Dandy Zapping Dandelion <3

Hello beauties!

Nina here, and oh, so happy to be talking about Dandelion! As I'm sure, for those of you following my Instagram, already know, dandelion is my <3 lady. From her Roasted Root long infusions, to dandelion wine, and dandelion bud capers (all recipes soon to come!) it feels like theres nothing this plant ally cannot do...most recently... including zapping my Milia cyst!

Milia Cysts...

A Milia Cyst is a hard white bump that I've been noticing comes up primarily around my eyes, but can also come up around your nose, cheeks and basically anywhere on your face and skin. I've found them to come up in the most sensitive, delicate areas of the skin-and one word of advice-don't EVER try to pop it! It won't pop and it'll get irritated and possibly infected :/....may be speaking from experience lol...

Anyway, most recently one developed right above my left eye and looked like a big white head. Because it was in such a sensitive area, I left it alone, but it started to bother me and agitate my vanity...:) I looked into topic creams, but honestly, I've worked a long time to get away from chemicals, and to keep my endocrine system in as much balance as possible. Even more so, I get a bit frustrated and overwhelmed when I see Scientific name after scientific name I cannot pronounce, let alone understand what it is and how my body will react to it. There were also blogs about exfoliation and using retinol, but I chose so I leave it be (probablly out of frustration of ooking at so many products)...and so it has been with me for over two months! lol

Dandelion with Flowering Creeping Charlie=Best Complimentary Plants/Colors/Artist

As the summer days have been creeping in I remembered a section in Sunun Weed's Healing Wise where she mentions the sap found in dandelion stems can be used for bumps...and I thought why not give it a try!

(***Please not that I am not making commission off of sponsoring Susun's products, I just deeply respect and align with her work and have tried and experimented , and built up a relationship with these plants and want t share the free love<3)

So, honestly speaking, I was skeptical at first, but took a breath, found a flowering dandelion, plucked it and squeezed the sap into my eye lid where the Milia bump lived. It didn't hurt, smell, or get infected. It was a little sticky at first, so I shut my eye lid for a couple seconds. The next day the skin around the Milia Cyst turned a slight shade darker and after a day and a half the cyst just fell right off! The coloration of my eye lid is even toned now and looks like nothing ever happened. Leaving no scar, no trace, just my eye lid without a looming white bump-WOW! It works!!!!! Cool moments in life:)

How She Works

Dandelion sap properties include being a: discutient (dispersal or disappearance of pathogen), anodyne (pain killer), antibacterial and anti fungal. She's a POWER house! According to Susun Weed's experience with her, she can be used for: warts, corns, calluses, hard pimples, bee stings, old sores, and blisters. Based on my experience with her-I can say that she took care of my very annoying Milia Cyst in1.5 days (one application) without any scaring, pain, discomfort or money spent...truly a medicine for the people-- easy, simple to use and at times has my mind blown asking: How didi I not know this?!?!

After a deep breath, the wise woman inside simply reminds myself and my frustration that I remembering, that this knowledge is mine and all of ours to hold and use, we simply must listen, re-learn and remember. <3

Yours in healing, love, and all things dandelion,


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