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Everyday Forage: Roasted Chicory Root + Maple "Nice Cream"

Why Hello There Beautiful!...

I Scream (and scream and scream:), you Scream, we ALL Scream for...

Roasted Chicory Root + Maple "Nice Cream"!!!

As the days are warming up here in Chicago, Spring is coming... and I feel as though I'm coming out of my winter slumber ;) and focusing on my organs of elimination! How's my poop looking? Are my periods regular? How am I chomping through stress? How am I loving and caring for my body? March is the month of elimination! (...and for those of you who do not know, now is the time to tap those Maple/Birch/ Sycamore trees!) And just as the sap is moving, so am I. I've been consciously moving my body more, putting drafts and sketches of life and business into action and experimenting with a yummy perennial Smoothie/Nice Cream Recipe...that also supports my liver!

This smoothie/"nice cream" has it all-- a nutty, bitter coffee taste from Chicory Root, a creamy carmel flavor from fresh maple syrup a sweet note from bananas, and a toothy cool "ahh" expression from a scoopful of cool creamy goodness with the "rooted"ness of winter and the promise of spring. Yes, finally, a dessert/ breakfast/ snack that incorporates Roasted Chicory Root <3 <3 <3

A meet n' greet with Chicory...

Ah, chicory has been my love of all plants in 2017. The first time I had Roasted Chicory Root was through a long infusion last spring. My body instantly knew that yes, I needed this plant. It grows along roadsides, in disturbed soils as a pretty weed. It sports a beautiful paisley blue flower that blooms for one day. Back in the day I used it as a fiber and natural dye plant, but more on that another day...lets talk about city living and health! Living in the city, can be tricky, not to mentions all the chemical/pesticide laden food that's readily available in most grocery stores :(... Our environment is far from the pristine outdoors, however, there are some ways we can support our bodies and systems of elimination... and yep, you got it, Chicory is a gentle herb that I'd say is a Perennial Power Plant! So the next time you drive, walk, or bike by one of these periwinkle beauties, say Hi!

Supporting Our Livers...

Susun Weed, one of my favorite crone herbalist, talks about a variety of different local "weeds" that help nourish and support the liver. Some such plants include chicory root, dandelion, milk thistle seed, and yellow dock. I have yet to make a chicory root tincture, however, I have come to grow fond of chicory root long infusion.

According to Susun there is no scientific evidence if the roasted chicory root still holds medicinal properties, but for me, un-roasted root is too bitter and I'd rather use it and interact with the plant that has my body saying yes! than to force myself to take something displeasing or not use it at all. I will however try the tincture with an un-roasted root. (Psss... if you are a community garden/organic farm in the Midwest that wants to share your Chicory, please contact me! I gladly harvest:) The more I interact with plants both outdoors and through food, the deeper the respect I have for them. I encourage you to try-your body just might say yes!

I use Organic Roasted Chicory Root, primarily through Mountain Rose Herb. (And no, this is not a paid advertisement, I just want to share products and companies that I use in my everyday life to keep a healthy balanced life that is respectful of the earth. It took me years to accumulate, test out and find my go to-s for quality herbs and perennial plants here in the Midwest...that is when I don't forage them myself. But why not support great people taking care of the earth and us through quality products and care for the earth? I will ALWAYS let you know my true opinion and if something is advertised). I have also harvested, dried, and roasted roots, but one has to be careful digging in contaminated city soil-Always know the History of the Land you're Eating From! You know what they say-"You are you're Soil!"

Maple & Roasted Chicory Root "Nice Cream" Recipe:

Nice Cream Base:

-2 cubed frozen bananas (or 2 peeled, steamed, cubed and frozen zucchini's. Bananas add more sweetness and a slight banana flavor)

-1/2 cup coconut fat for extra creaminess

-1/2 cup coconut milk (or any other milk-hemp, almond, walnut:)...this will be added according to feel and smoothness of your blend, too much, no worries-it's a smoothie!

Perennial Flavors:

-1/3 cup of Chicory Root Long Infusion

(To make this, add 1/4 cup of Organic Roasted Chicory Roots into a 16oz mason jar, pour boiling water to the top of your mason jar, cap it and let steep overnight. You can drink this delicious long infusion on it's own, with raw honey and walnut milk or add it to your Nice Creams:) and Morning Smoothies!

-1/3 cup freshly tapped Maple Syrup


-Add frozen cubed bananas/zucchini into blender (Vitamix works really well for this, but I've also used a regular blender and it works perfectly fine!)

-Add coconut fat, maple syrup, chicory root and maple syrup.

-Blend until Smooth

Enjoy your Everyday Foraged Treat!

With love for you and our earth, one bite at a time,


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