European Descendant:
Reconnect to the Land + Ancestors

6 week course for European connection, exploration and reconnections to perennial plants through culturally salient land based practices and foods. 

How do perennial plants inform our identity? How do these relationships inform our existence generations after migration? If you're feeling disconnected or are looking to build a more intimate relationship with the land and your ancestry through culturally appropriate plants and food this is the course for you.


This is a 6 week introductory course to take a deep dive into plant-people relationships with a focus on European immigration. This is an introductory course because we believe that connection is an ongoing life process, not completing a single online course:) With that being said, this course will prepare you to deepen your connection to perennial plants. We often hear that traditions and traditional ecological knowledge is "lost," however there are ways to reconnect through observing the creative ways in which these relationships evolve, transform, and are preserved; often through food and annual celebrations.


This course will focus on building relationship with six culturally salient plants of European lineage. A deep dive into one plant per week with meditation, journaling, ancestral relationships, uses, and food exploration. The instructor's lineage is in Eastern and Western Europe (Western Ukraine and Western Germany) settling within the US after WWII. You will explore your own family's immigration throughout this journey.


We will be acknowledging our presence on indigenous territory, and for those within the US, on historically stollen land that was build up by African slaves. If this is uncomfortable for you, this is not the course for you. We will be exploring our own family lineage in relation to plants, which often is riffled with trauma and discomfort. You will be held and safe to explore these emotions throughout the class and have a community to support you along the process. Promise, it's worth it!


What We Cover:

- 6 culturally important perennial plants with European lineage

-Deep dive into 1 perennial plant per week

-Culturally salient uses and rituals

-2 meditations


-Family history and ancestry (emphasis of plants grown within Zones 3-6, however others are welcome to join).

-Navigating appreciation, appropriation, and cultural exchange

-Resources and connections

-Private community page

-3 hour (2 sessions @1.5)virtual group check

DATES: Online Courses 

All classes will be released on Sunday's through our membership portal.  Complete the lesson and homework at your own pace. We will have 2 live gatherings that will be recorded and made available to the group.

Additional handouts, resources, and homework are distributed weekly.

* This fall 2022 season we will be experimenting with shipping some samples of each specimen to work with to deepen our relationships as we explore species near us. *Shipment only available within the US.

(Please note that because this course is online and through membership portal, you will have access to all lessons). October 9-November 13th

Oct 7, 2022 (6pm CST)- Live Welcome and Introduction

Oct 9, 2022

Oct 16, 2022

Oct 23, 2022

Oct 28, 2022 (6pm CST)- Live Check In and Community Share

Oct 30, 2022

Nov 6, 2022

Nov 13, 2022





10% of profit will be donated to the Khwe San in Bwabwata, Namibia who are currently battling against Recon Africa's pursuit of fracking the Okavango Delta, threatening the preservation of land-based practices, customs, and livelihoods.  The San of Namibia were my first community of teachers in land-based connection outside of my Ukrainian Dido, grandfather. It is in our interconnection and giving back to community that we are able to rise together as a global community in connection with the more than human beings.