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Ancestral Connections: Reconnect to the Land

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COURSE REGISTRATION 6 week course for ancestral connections. Highlighted is European plant connections, exploration and reconnections to perennial plants through culturally salient land based practices and foods. For in-person ancestral connections to Southern Africa please visit our partnering retreat space. ​ How do perennial plants inform our identity? How do these relationships inform our existence generations after migration? If you're feeling disconnected or are looking to build a more intimate relationship with the land and your ancestry through culturally appropriate plants and food this is the course for you. This is a 6 week introductory course to take a deep dive into plant-people relationships with a focus on European immigration. This is an introductory course because we believe that connection is an ongoing life process, not completing a single online course:) With that being said, this course will prepare you to deepen your connection to perennial plants. We often hear that traditions and traditional ecological knowledge is "lost," however there are ways to reconnect through observing the creative ways in which these relationships evolve, transform, and are preserved; often through food and annual celebrations.

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 European Descendant: Reconnect to the Land

European Descendant: Reconnect to the Land

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