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Everyday Forage Cooking Club

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Welcome to the Everyday Forage Cooking Club Membership! Where we explore out environments, responsible-reciprocal land relationships, foraging practices (urban, suburban and rural), historic uses and contemporary remembrance of perennial plants through food. There will be public monthly blog and video content along with special tips, one on one conversations and community engagement within the membership program. Those who sign up for the annual Everyday Forage Cooking Club Membership will receive one monthly product with raw material when/if possible. Just like a biodiverse forest, we grow collectively and within community. You are essential and honored in your contributions. While I'll be covering one (primarily grow zone 5-6) perennial plant per month, we may have occasional special guests within other zones/internationally. If you are sitting with a particular plant, please feel free to share with the group! Let's grow together. Looking forward & Happy Foraging! Nina

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Everyday Forage Cooking Club

Everyday Forage Cooking Club

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