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Urban Foraging & Medicine Making
2020 Urban Foraging Intensive


Urban Foraging Intensives

Midwest: Chicago-Detroit


First Saturday of the month 


 every month May-October 2022 

$250-$150-$75 Sliding Scale

2 Work Trades per month



These monthly urban foraging intensives are designed so that you can jump in at any month (May-October) and feel empowered to incorporate perennial plants within your everyday living. There are 5+ perennial plants covered within each monthly Urban Foray along with plant ID, function and 2 hands-on custom blends. 


Spots are limited to 10 participants per month







































Seasonal Apprenticeship


If you're are interested in a deeper examination and relationship to perennial plants within Chicago this customized seasonal apprenticeship is for you!


Please contact Nina Lawrin if you are interested.

May 2022-October 2022


Why Apprentice?


-You are looking to deep dive into reconnecting to the earth and perennial plants of the Midwest/ Chicagoland


-You want to engage in a seasonally based hands-on connection to perennial plants-

(relationship + sense building, meditation, harvesting, preserving, application)


-You're ready to reclaim your self-agency in using nourishing herbs for preventative healthcare


-You are looking to create your own nourishing herbal products


-You are asking "How do I Utilize My Garden/ Perennial Plants"


-You are looking for a safe place to reconnect to the teacher within


-You are looking for the tools to feel empowered to incorporate perennial foods into your daily living


-You are looking to utilize wild foods within your diet


-You're interested in learning about everyday applications of nourishing medicinal plants grown + harvested sustainably and seasonally


-You are looking for tailored, personalized  guidance in creating the relationships you need with plant members


-You are looking for a supportive, eco-conscious community to grow with and share ideas and collaborations



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