Reconnect to Nature through "Everyday Forage": Wild Perennial Plants
loveren collections
loveren collections

loveren collections was born out of my need and longing to reconnect with nature, culture, and ultimately, myself.  


What is it like to live a life of remembrance? Remembering the deep and intimate connection to the earth, and the stories told to heal and nourish...how did I forget and how can we reconnect?...


Come join me on this journey to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally by reconnecting to nature through the exploration of everyday forage. This site is dedicated to educate, inspire, and instill healthy lifestyle interactions for all, including respecting Mother Earth.


Nina Lawrin is an aspiring ethnobotanist (MSc University of Kent 2021), artist, urban forager, certified permaculture designer, and a world traveler...aka intentional nomad :)

Nina  co-founded the Permaculture Chicago Teaching Institute in 2019 and is a Fulbright alumna and alumni ambassador to Namibia. She has worked alongside numerous permaculture sites including Eloolo Permaculture Initiative and Damaraland Farming Cooperative, cultivating their “waste streams” to share and create nontoxic, research-driven, site-specific artwork. She started her foraging journey learning from the San community in Namibia and Botswana in 2016.

Nina is a proud certified tree keeper with Openlands #1248, a certified permaculture designer, and just general foodie at heart . You can find her on Instagram @loveren_collections.


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